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System Components
Three different rendering mechanism exist for JAXFront up to the current time, all were developed on top of the same core engine: Java Swing, HTML and PDF (for printing). Further user interface channels e.q. WAP or KWT are quite easy to realize within short time. All renderers are using the smart JAXFront core engine analysing mechanism. Through the use of an extensible User Interface Language (XUI), one may define an individual GUI look & feel without writing one line of code. This extensions (layout and rule behaviour) need to be written once and interpreted through different renderers for multiple UI channels.
Java Swing Renderer
Java Swing GUI - Edit XML userfiendlyThe Java Renderer uses the Java Swing Graphic Toolkit for the creation of graphical user interfaces. The generated UI components allow a sophisticated way of editing an underlying XML node. This visual components are all subclasses of JComponent and may be integrated in an existing UI framework or toolset. Even the use of existing JavaBeans (plugins) is possible through the use of Java reflection API.
HTML Renderer
JAXFront HTML GUI  - Edit XML userfiendlyThe HTML Renderer creates HTML forms based on a XML Schema and a XUI document (optional). This renderer was developed for an easy deployment of an application and to use the same XUI rules/layout definitions in a Java Fat Client as well as in a HTML Thin Client. Through the use of a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) one may define an own look and feel for the generated HTML pages.
XUI Editor
XUI Editor - Visual Designer for XML FormsFor the creation of an individual layout and the specification of special rules (e.q. cross field validation, enabling/disbabling, etc..), a tool called XUI Editor will be shipped with JAXFront. This application which is based on Java Swing GUI permits a fast and efficient adaptation to the desired user frontend. With only one mouse click it is possible to change the visual representation of any node in a XML Schema. All layout and behaviour specifiaction can now be rendered through one of the existing renderes (Java Swing or HTML).

See Manual.

To download & install the XUI-Editor, click on the navigation item 'Download'.