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Some of our clientele using JAXFront
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JAXFront @ Swiss Confederation
Swiss eGovernment architecture 2011
JAXFront has been choosen to implement a generic form service for the swiss egovernment architecture 2011. The service is called JAXForms and allows to fill-out, purchase save, print and post forms across the internet.

The service is publicly available in the following departements:
  • Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
  • Federal Road Office FEDRO
  • Federal Finance Administration FFA
  • Swiss Federal Tax Administration FTA
  • Swiss Statistics POLSTA
  • Federal Office of Communications OFCOM

Success Stories
Die Mobiliar
JAXFront is used in the new electronic claim advice system 2004 to render 90% of the whole user frontends (approx. 300 screens, 30 insurance branches). A claim advice is defined by a serie of XML Schema (for every branch) and will be dynamically rendered by JAXFront. Introducing a new branch or modifying an existing one is as simple as deploy the new XML Schema on the server. A claim advice described as XML is sent to the server and processed by a legacy system. Each claim advice can also be viewed as PDF by the JAXFront PDF renderer.

pdf icon    JAXFront @ Mobiliar (German) (pdf/480kb)    
Swiss Re
xcentric has built a three-tier infrastructure for an XML content & report management framework. XML documents will be rendered dynamically at runtime on the client-side (approx. 1500 clients) with the JAXFront® rendering engine. The XML documents sent to the server are transformed with XSLT and passed to a legacy system.
pdf icon    JAXFront @ SwissRe (pdf/192kb)    
Swisscom is using JAXFront® to generate graphical user interfaces for entering client orders at the Swisscom shops. These orders (XML documents) will be sent to the server and processed by a legacy system.
pdf icon    JAXFront @ Swisscom (pdf/212kb)