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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
 General FAQs
What is JAXFront?
JAXFront is a technology to render electronic forms on multiple ui channels (Java Swing, HTML, PDF) on the basis of an xml schema that acts as a business model. The forms to be generated can be packed with a lot of features like cross-field-validation, datatype entry validation, visual actions and many other business rules just by defining a XUI (eXtensible User Interface).
For what purpose may I need JAXFront?
JAXFront is the right tool to generate intelligent forms for any application. JAXFront's dynamic rendering engine decreases the application development time dramatically. Changes in your business model will not require any further development as JAXFront will just do the rendering based on the adapted model.
Which Java version is needed to run JAXFront successfully?
JRE / SDK >= 1.4
What does XUI mean?
XUI (eXtended User Interface) is a description language in xml that describes layout (labels, components, plugins, ...) and behaviour (rules, actions, ...) settings for JAXFront.
Do I need a license key to run JAXFront?
Yes, a valid license key is required to run JAXFront. We offer a Community License Key for any non-commercial use of JAXFront (included in download). If you want to use JAXFront commercially, please have a look on our licensing page to see which license fits best for you.
Does JAXFront generate Java source files?
No. JAXFront directly renders the underlying business model for the appropriate ui channel (Java Swing, HTML or PDF).
JAXFront Swing Renderer
How can I change the layout and/or behaviour of a rendered swing component?
There are two ways to customize a swing component for your needs. The first possibility is to create a XUI-Definition with which you can define layout and/or behaviour settings. This can be easily achieved by using the XUI-Editor that is available for JAXFront. The second option to customize a component for a certain node is to write an own Java Swing PlugIn that can be integrated into JAXFront.
How can I embed JAXFront into my application?
The JAXFront Editor Panel is derived from JPanel and can easily be integrated into your existing application. Also single rendered components can be placed into your application without effort.
JAXFront HTML Renderer
Is a Browser-PlugIn needed to run the HTML Renderer?
No. The HTML Renderer is based on HTML and JavaScript and requires no special PlugIn. Please make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your Webbrowser.
Which browsers does the HTML Renderer support?
The HTML Renderer works with the following web browsers:
Internet Explorer >= 5.5, Mozilla >= 1.4, Netscape >= 7.1
Does the HTML Renderer support all possible XUI-Definitions?
No, the current version of the HTML Renderer does not support all of the xui definitions (about 90%). We are working further on to provide as many XUI-Features as possible.
JAXFront Eclipse PlugIn
Which version of Eclipse do I need to run the JAXFront Eclipse PlugIn?
Eclipse 3.0 or higher
How do I install the JAXFront PlugIn for Eclipse?
1. Download the JAXFront Eclipse PlugIn
2. Unzip the downloaded file into your Eclipse 3.0 PlugIn folder
3. For example: eclipse3.0/plugins/
4. Start Eclipse
5. Read the JAXFront Help Section