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JAXFront easily integrates into your JAVA/J2EE/XML environment because of the use of standard technologies, stuff a clean API and open interfaces. The integration & deployment differs from your choosen client strategy. JAXFront can be used as a smart standalone client or as a web based front end.
Java - Smart Client HTML - Web Based
JAXFront Java Renderer Integration
Java Architecture
JAXFront HTML Renderer Integration
HTML Architecture
Deploy your application as a Java client (i.e. Webstart) and run JAXFront on top of JDK 1.4.

All dynamically created UI components are instances of a Java JComponent and can be nested in any Java UI Container.

Footprint: 1MB (~500 java classes)

See Integration Code Example...
Run the JAXFront HTML Renderer within your J2EE Environment. JAXFront produces HTML pages dynamically at runtime within your servlet container.